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Manatee Research Belize - 2003  
In April, 2003, I had a wonderful opportunity to go to Belize and work with the Wildlife Trust, and other wildlife groups, local and from all over the world, to help with a conservation project for manatees.

A couple of the objectives of this long term project are:  to determine the ranging patterns of .this manatee population, and to investigate the impact of manatee viewing on Southern Lagoon manatees, etc. This allowed for some wonderful photo opportunities, and a chance to meet scientists and biologists from all over the world.  National Geographic was also there, with their famous critter cam. They placed a special camera on the back of the manatee, and it views and sends back video of what the manatee is seeing as it swims along.  What a great time. I also had another chance (this is my second trip to Belize), to see more of the country and a lot more of the wildlife of this wonderful place.  I'm ready to go back. next Note: These are archived pages - not all links work!